Service station - garage, truck repair service

We provide a complete trucks and delivery vans service. Thanks to quality diagnostics and modern equipment we provide repairing of all types defects, broken trucks and we do periodic service for your fleet.

Servis nákladních vozidel a návěsů

We use diagnostics JALTEST which make possible detail diagnostics, measuring values and calibration of electronic systems of trucks and trailers of all types and marks.

We prepare your trucks for Technical Inspection of Vehicles and we make this technical inspection right away including measuring emissions. You can manage everything during one visit and you don´t lose your valuable time.

We know how importtant are quality tires for save trucks traffic, how important is tire balancing and their service. Therefore our Tire Service gives proffesional services of your needs and visions.

We know how to repair broken trucks and how to repair all defects. The best for you to let your trucks in our regular service. Thanks to we will find out potentional problems and your trucks will be all right.

We do repairs of engines and gearboxes, brakes, wirings and air systems. We make sure repairs of the independent heating WEBASTO and EBERSPÁCHER.


Do you need repair your broken truck? Do you want organize periodic service of your fleet? Do you need provide Technical Inspections of Vehicles?

Come to our place – to our service station, you will find everything for trucks under one roof.

We are here 24 hours for you, 7 days in week.

When your truck broke down on your way, we help you with our service car immediately. You are in safeness with our services!


We provide:

  • truck service
  • preparation for Tecnical Inspection of Vehicles and do it one, measurements of air pollutant emission
  • tire service
  • diagnostics JALTEST
  • repair of broken trucks
  • repair of engines and gearboxes
  • brake repair
  • air system repair
  • wiring repair
  • independent heating WEBASTO and EBERSPÁCHER repair
  • service of semi-trailers and trailers of all marks
  • diagnostics of all systems
  • repair of brakes and air systems
  • repair of super structures of vans
  • repair of canvases
  • half-yearly regular service
  • sale of new and used spare parts
  • spare parts for trucks off all marks

NON-STOP trucks and semi-trailers service

Don´t catch you off guard and let your truck to our service – we are here 24 hours for you, 7 days a week.

Do you have to solve some problem on your way? No problem – we send our service car to your break down truck immediately.

You find all in one place in our service station

  • trucks and delivery vans service
  • trailers and semi-trailers service
  • preparation and implementation of Technical Inspections Of Vehicles
  • sale of new and used spare parts

Sale of spare parts for trucks and semi-trailers

Náhradní díly na návěsy a tahače

Are you looking for solid provider of spare parts for trucks? You are on right adress here!

In our offer you find spare parts for delivery vans, trucks, super structures for vehicles, semi -trailers and trailers.

Low price always in the first place? Therefore you collect from used spare parts!

Are you looking for new spare parts? This is no problém too, in our offer you find original spare parts of all marks!


Truck Trailers Service


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